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getZiped.com is specifically designed to assist companies with US Zip and/or Canadian Postal Code Lookup Services The Zip Code Lookup Service identifies the country, state/province, city, latitude and longitude for United States Zip and Canadian Postal Codes. Compared to competative services, getZiped.com provides a cost effective lookup service by eliminating street name delivery.

getZiped.com is very easy to use, with XML responses that are easy to integrate into any application and/or service. As an added feature, both US Zip Code and Canadian Postal Code support is provided at no extra cost.

Regardless if your company requires 1000, 5000 or unlimited postal/zip code lookups per month, the getZiped.com (Zip Code Lookup Service) has a package suited for your needs. There are no contracts or long term commitments... and you can try it out for only $2.95 (for your first 30 days)! After that, services are as low as $29.95 per month.

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27 Mar. 2009

Try getZiped.com today, with your first 30 days for only $2.95!

16 Mar. 2009

New unlimited lookup plan now available!

22 Nov. 2008

Area codes now available for Zipcode lookups!

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